About Us

About Us


POBCO ApS is the sole agent for Europe for POBCO Inc. USA, which for more than 85 years have specialized in production of oil filled bearings and other hardwood components, and for the last 35 years the components have also been manufactured of plastics. We supply made to measure components - for all purposes - and for the last 20 years we have supplied our products to manufactures of machines and equipment to the industri, farming etc.


Our range of products is very wide and offers many different designs and sizes of plastic and oil filled hardwood components which meet a wide range of applications you may have for a long-life bearing. We customoze components in almost any soze and shape to match your specifications.


As examples of applications for POBCO plastics and oil filled selflubricating components can be mentioned slurry pumps, slurry mixers, muck spreaders, transport augers, elevators, conveyor belts, combine harvesters and various equipment within the food processing industri.


Our 100% oil filled hardwood components  - 40% of the total component weight is lubricant - makes them superior to conventional bearings especially in demanding operating conditions with damp, dirt, dust, slurry and muck as they are self-lubricating for life so reducing maintenance costs, increasing bearing life and improving profit.

All these properties gives satisfied customers - of which several have been using our products through more than 20 years.