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Company Product / Used in Note


Samson AGRO A/S 2-piece metalmounted spherical lube filled hardwood Customer for more than

bearing as support bearing for drive shaft on muck 20 years.


Thyregod A/S Oil filled hardwood block bearing used as support bearing Customer for more than

in tower mixers for slurry. 20 years.


RANAVERKEN AB 2-piece oil filled hardwood sleeve bearing used as Customer for more than

Sweden support and buttom bearing in long shafted slurry 20 years.



Dale Automatik Ltd Plasticprofil type ULTRA-D, Hi-Temp UHMW. used in New customer

United Kingdom Bakery machines.. Temperatur max 135 C.


VM Tarm A/S 2-piece oil filled hardwood hanger bearing for New customer

80mm shaft in screw conveyor for transportation

of wet animal feed.


SKIOLD A/S Spherical plastic bearing type PLUS - impregnated Customer for more than

with a food grade lubricant - FDA approved for use 20 years.

in connection with food.


Marel Støvring A/S Polyethylene sanitary plastic wear strip with 3/8" steel Customer for 8 years.

bar inside. Used in machinery for salmon processing.


Mastec Stålvall AB Conveyor PVC rollers - 22" and 17" for conveyor systems




We are the agent for Europe for POBCO Inc. USA, which for more than 85 years have specialized in production of plastic and oil filled hardwood components.


(+45) 45 57 27 85

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